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The song of the earth to the stars

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A universal celebration

The Song of the Earth presents itself as a polyphonic canticle where each voice is evocative of a facet of our humanity, carnal and spiritual, the expression of a call to life and benevolence.

In the image of our Earth, resonant of a powerful hymn to its creator, all our forces aspire to converge in a harmonious thrust towards the infinite crowned with stars, reminding us to hold our righteous place on our vulnerable planet.

Our primary source of inspiration is here, before our eyes, and invites us to raise our souls every day to rooster crowing, morning after morning, like the plowman patiently preparing his land for a fertile harvest.

Arts & spirituality of Japan

Japan, guest of honor at the 1st edition of the Sacred Art Festival of Senlis, invites us to discover all the facets of its thousand-year-old culture
culminating in abounding contemporary creativity.

Numerous and varied events will show how the artists of this country are both carriers of their culture whose memory they cultivate,
and how they constantly create and reinvent themselves by drawing inspiration from their immemorial legacy.

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National pavilions

The Senlis Sacred Art Festival opens to the creative beauty of all religions and spiritual practices.
Three national pavilions have been selected to broaden the range of artistic productions in the most open and colorful way.

Indian pavilion

Mexican pavilion

Swedish pavilion

Our many thanks to the artists who have agreed to include their works on the site © Yoshie ARAKI, Joseph-Antoine d'ORNANO, Jonathan SHIMONY, Yukari KAMEYAMA, Hisashi YAMAMOTO, Delphine GÉLIOT, Jacky KOOKEN, Manuel M. PEÑA, Jaime Agustin VALLE JIMENEZ, Rosalina MENDOZA PEREZ, Heli TUHKANEN, Ana Lorena NUNEZ, Karma PUNTSOK, Odile van den WOLDENBERG, Anna KAREN, Seikou TAKEICHI, Tazuo AKASAKI, Khalid SIDDIQUI, Maria CALEGARI, Chelle DESTEFANO and Olivier POIZAC